Color Bind

On July 17, 2016, the Chicago Sun-Times published a report looking at the racial demographics of Chicago’s police districts. The Data Reporting Lab, used census block level data to calculate the racial makeup of the newly drawn police districts.

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Color Bind

The Great Upheaval

On June 26, 2016, the Chicago Sun-Times’ Watchdogs investigation group published a 12-page special section examining how Chicago Housing Authority’s “Plan for Transformation” has changed Chicago and the suburbs. Analysis and mapping performed by the Data Reporting Lab is featured throughout the section.


Beyond Rubble

Cashing In On the CHA

On April 24 and April 25, 2016, the Chicago Sun-Times continued its Beyond the Rubble series by looking at private landlords who lease apartments to the CHA. Some of those landlords, the Sun-Times found, owned property with multiple building violations. Again, the Data Reporting Lab provided data and spatial analysis for the project.

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Beyond the Rubble

In stories published March 13 and March 14, 2016, the Chicago Sun-Times examined Chicago’s public housing divide, revealing that while most low-income residents live in depressed areas, some are housed in extremely pricey homes. The Data Reporting Lab performed the spatial analysis and database reporting needed to examine the patterns of where Chicago’s public housing residents are living.