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The Data Reporting Lab is a center for statistical and data analysis that performs research for media organizations in need of drawing insight from electronic records.  We research, explore, and summarize databases using statistical techniques and provide data visualizations to expose patterns and trends.

Media outlets may contact the Lab to request our assistance with database reporting, data analysis or other computer-assisted reporting work.

Eric Ferkenhoff | Reporter

Eric Ferkenhoff has covered crime and other issues in Chicago and elsewhere for more than 25 years. He teaches journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill after 11 years at Medill at Northwestern University, and is the founder of The Youth Project, a student-run news site focusing on policies impacting today’s youth. Ferkenhoff has written for the Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, Crain’s, Time and The New York Times.

Kevin Stark | Reporter

Kevin Stark is a journalist with Chicago’s Data Reporting Lab. His focus is environment, science and climate change, and he has written about sea level rise, industrial pollution, environmental justice, global climate research and housing policy. He has a graduate journalism degree from the Medill School of Journalism, where he studied as a Comer Scholar. He’s also a current fellow with the Social Justice News Nexus, and an alumnus of the Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources and the Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting. His work has appeared in Pacific Standard Magazine, the Chicago Reporter, the Chicago Reader, the San Francisco Public Press, Earth Island Journal, and other places.   

Darnell Little | Editor

Darnell Little began his career as a software developer for AT&T Bell Labs,  but in 1996 he joined the Chicago Tribune as a reporter for the Tribune’s interactive division. Later, he became the Midwest technology correspondent for BusinessWeek Magazine. He rejoined the Tribune in 2002 as a database reporter for the paper’s Metro staff. In 2009, he began teaching database reporting at Northwestern University. In November, 2015, Little founded the Data Reporting Lab to help further local efforts in computer-assisted reporting.

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